the website workshop

say goodbye to your website woes and launch a gorgeous, high-converting site in 7 days flat.

The only thing between you and a gorgeous website that converts visitors to high-quality leads, is understanding messaging and good design.

You're tired of buying website template after website template, staring at a blank Google Doc waiting for the right website copy to just come to you, and seeing other entrepreneurs with bomb websites that work to book ideal clients 24/7. So buckle up friend - The Website Workshop is here to teach you formulaic copywriting and practical design strategy so you can go from 'my website sucks' to 'my website is the bomb dot com'.

✗ Should I spend a few thousand and hire an expert?
✗ Would another website template or platform work better?
✗ Should I just give up entirely?
✗ Does everyone else have a secret sauce I don't?

so you're left wondering...

If you own countless website templates or spend hours tweaking your current site only to relaunch to crickets, then this workshop is for you.

But you don't need to act rash. You just need a gameplan.

✓ Clarification on your ideal client so you can reach them
✓ A streamlined offer that highlights your expertise and stands out from the crowd
✓ Amazing website copy that makes ideal clients want to work with you
✓ A high-converting website that impresses visitors and makes them leads in your inbox
✓ A launch plan so you can go live... finally

you need:

Thank goodness you found The Website Workshop

Ain't nobody said they wanted another 50+ module, 8+ hour course on writing copy or designing a website. You're not trying to become a copywriter or web designer, you just need to learn the basics and tricks that work so you can take your current dud of a website to the next level... without spending thousands on a team of experts to help you get there.

See, not all website templates or copywriting courses are equal.

The biggest thing after learning the skills is actually implementing them. So I've summed up my process into a 7 day, high-support workshop so you can actually launch... ASAP.

Before we can get to the juicy stuff we have to nail down our audience. I'll tell you why Ideal Client Avatars (ICAs) haven't worked in the past and my signature method instead.

day 1

Next step is ensuring your service will stand out amongst the crowd. We'll get to the heart of your ideal client and what they want as well as building a service that books out.

day 2
focus your offer

Even if you're not a strong writer, writing copy for your website can be easy! My signature formula will help you write each page of your website so you're captivating your audience.

day 3
establish you as the expert

Don't have branding? Worried your branding is too simple and run of the mill? We'll spend day 4 tweaking your brand to ensure it represents you and your ideal client.

day 4
craft your brand

Today is all about customizing your chosen Showit template. We'll get back to the basics and leave advanced features out of it so you can learn to customize your template and get it launched!

day 5
customize your template

Once the design is done, I'll walk you through submitting your site and domain to Showit and migrating existing blog posts over. We'll also chat through launch and SEO.

day 6
launching your site

You'll be confused no longer! Day 7 is all about how Showit and Wordpress work together and how you can configure your blog for ultimate success.

day 7
blogging on wordpress

"I can't even begin to say how grateful I am that I found Amanda!! She is absolutely AMAZING and you will not regret investing. Amanda made everything so simple from start to finish!"

- Mary

"Amanda's process is so simple and easy. It feels so good to finally have clear communication on my website now."

- Artemisa

"If you have website clutter, distractions, organization issues, or just no website at all, definitely seek her out! Her process is very streamlined, organized, task oriented and very well timed."

- Jennifer

but that's not it!

→ Your choice of a Showit template from TWW ($397 value)

→ Lifetime access to the trainings and resources

→ Lifetime Facebook Community access ($500+ value)

→ Swipe files, worksheets, and checklists

→ SEO beginners training with The Creative Potential ($197 value)

→ My Font & Color Palette Guide ($97 value)

→ Stock Photo Resources ($47 value)

→ Collecting Great Testimonials ($97 value)

→ My Launch Checklist ($47 value)


(worth $2,582+)

→ Your choice of a Showit template from TWW ($397+ value)
→ Lifetime access to the trainings and resources ($800+)
→ Lifetime Facebook Community access ($500+ value)
→ SEO beginners training with The Creative Potential ($297 value)
→ My Font & Color Palette Guide ($197 value)
→ Stock Photo Resources ($97 value)
→ Collecting Great Testimonials ($197 value)
→ My Launch Checklist ($97 value)

get one of my showit templates with jessica whitaker for free when you enroll!

Ok, that all sounds great but what makes this program so special? Why are you the person to help me?

I'm a former news journalist (six years chasing down headlines!), and believe me, I know how to tell a great story. So when I applied my love of web design and my knack for copywriting... it was only three days later that I booked my first client. Since, I've carved out a name for myself in the entrepreneur space as the 'web designer that also writes copy'. See there's so much more to design than how things look, and there's so much more to copy than the words typed into a text box. And if your website is lacking that special touch... that's why.

For 4+ years, I've worked with 100+ entrepreneurs of all kinds (therapists, coaches, authors, photographers, wedding industry professionals, you name it!) helping them take their vision and transform it into a site they love and their clients are obsessed with. (Have I mentioned I'm a Showit design partner as well?)

Not everyone can afford the $4,500+ investment to work with me 1-on-1 for 7 weeks, so I've summed up that process into a practical 7 day method you can implement yourself, regardless of your industry, experience, or busy schedule.

i'm here to teach you how to make your website look and sound like the expert you are.

A Reminder Of What You're Getting

Awesome copy you wrote yourself and can duplicate!

ready for a website so good you can't believe it's yours?

One of our Showit templates for FREE!

A completed site ready to launch in just 7 days.

Video trainings broken up into 7 easy modules.

A private Facebook group for just workshop students.

enroll at an introductory rate!

enrollment re-opens early 2021

BEST DEAL ALERT! one payment of $697


Yes! You can elect for either 1 payment of $697 or 4 equal payments of $200. We know you'll see results from this program and template and therefore, do not offer refunds.

01. do you offer payment plans?

During this program, you'll be customizing any of our Showit templates. Showit is drag and drop and completely code free - you're going to love it! For all the reasons why we love Showit, click here.

02. what website platform are we using?

Nothing! During this training you'll be learning how to write your website copy and customize the site. You can always add higher-level branding or images at a later time.

03. what do i need to have ready to get started?

Yes! Any of our Showit templates are included with the price of the Workshop. All of our Showit templates are valued at $397.

04. is the template included?

The last day to enroll in the next workshop is September 6. You will have lifetime access though. Re-enrollment opens late 2020

05. when does the workshop start?

Yes! Students can purchase a one hour call with me to ask questions and have me 'tweak' their work after the 7 day workshop ends. This call is an additional fee of $150.

06. do you offer a 1:1 call too?

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