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While you've thought about hiring a copywriter in the past, you know you'll be much better off if you can learn to write your website copy yourself.

the website workshop is perfect if...

you want to learn to write your website copy

Your offers and packages have been assembled based on what others in your space are offering and you need help explaining why you're the logical choice.

you need help communicating your offer

You've fallen in love with one of our Showit website templates but are worried you won't be able to customize the template all on your own.

you want help customizing a showit template

You've made an Ideal Client Avatar and done all of the exercises but you still feel completely confused. You're not sure who your ideal client is and you need help talking directly to them.

you're ready to nail down your ideal client

the only thing standing between you and a high-converting website is understanding powerful messaging and design.

Designers know design and copywriters know copy... but us? We're experts at both.

ready to enroll?!

I know better than anyone that there's so much more to design than great messaging, and so much more to great messaging than design. The two work hand in hand to build like/know/trust with your audience and help you stand out amongst the thousands of other creatives in your field. I knew you didn't need another copywriting course with thousands of modules, and you definitely don't need hours of content helping you to launch a website template you just purchased... that's why I created a simple, straight-forward, 7 day workshop to help you clarify your messaging and customize your site so you can launch ASAP and start booking more.

I'm a former breaking new journalist turned brand and web designer for female creatives - so I'm an expert at helping you tell your story and stand out online.

meet your instructor, Amanda burg

You know your website has the potential to be great - but something is always missing.

You want to learn from a copywriting and web design expert so you can launch a website that books high-quality leads while you sleep. You know that powerful messaging and beautiful, strategic design will help you hook your ideal clients, communicate your unique selling proposition, stand out in your industry, and have an online presence you're not embarrassed to send potential leads to. The problem is... you have no idea where to begin.

if you own countless website templates or have started a website or copy doc from SCRATCH far too many times, then this is for you.

how does launching in 7 days sound?

Before we can get to the juicy stuff we have to nail down our audience. I'll tell you why Ideal Client Avatars (ICAs) haven't worked in the past and my signature method instead.

day 1

Next step is ensuring your service will stand out amongst the crowd. We'll get to the heart of your ideal client and what they want as well as building a service that books out.

day 2
focus your offer

Even if you're not a strong writer, writing copy for your website can be easy! My signature formula will help you write each page of your website so you're captivating your audience.

day 3
establish you as the expert

Don't have branding? Worried your branding is too simple and run of the mill? We'll spend day 4 tweaking your brand to ensure it represents you and your ideal client.

day 4
craft your brand

Today is all about customizing your chosen Showit template. We'll get back to the basics and leave advanced features out of it so you can learn to customize your template and get it launched!

day 5
customize your template

Once the design is done, I'll walk you through submitting your site and domain to Showit and migrating existing blog posts over. We'll also chat through launch and SEO.

day 6
launching your site

You'll be confused no longer! Day 7 is all about how Showit and Wordpress work together and how you can configure your blog for ultimate success.

day 7
blogging on wordpress

Awesome copy you wrote yourself and can duplicate!

One of our Showit templates for FREE!

A completed site ready to launch in just 7 days.

Video trainings broken up into 7 easy modules.

"This workshop is amazing. I've pulled a lot of useful information from the videos and I love the bonus resources!"


"Before joining I had never done an Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) and after going over the first lesson I am so glad I didn't! I've already set up great meetings with past clients and I'm brining all the workshop stuff with me!"

- nichelle

"This workshop is so exciting for me because I've needed a website for such a long time but have always stalled when it came to putting one together!"

- giovani

but that's not it!

→ Your choice of a Showit template from TWW ($397 value)

→ Lifetime access to the trainings and resources

→ Lifetime Facebook Community access ($500+ value)

→ Swipe files, worksheets, and checklists

→ SEO beginners training with The Creative Potential ($197 value)

→ My Font & Color Palette Guide ($97 value)

→ Stock Photo Resources ($47 value)

→ Collecting Great Testimonials ($97 value)

→ My Launch Checklist ($47 value)


(worth $2,482+)

→ Your choice of a Full Showit template from TWW ($497+ value)
→ Lifetime access to the trainings and resources ($1,000+)
→ SEO beginners training with The Creative Potential ($297 value)
→ My Font & Color Palette Guide ($197 value)
→ Stock Photo Resources ($97 value)
→ Collecting Great Testimonials ($197 value)
→ My Launch Checklist ($97 value)

get one of my showit templates with jessica whitaker for free when you enroll!

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5 monthly payments of $200

ready to take the next step? let's get you enrolled!

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Yes! you're free to pay for the workshop in full or break it down into monthly payments.

do you offer payment plans?

While lessons 1-3 focus on website copywriting, and lesson 4 focuses on branding, lessons 5-7 teach you the ins and outs of the Showit platform. A free Showit template of your choice from our shop is also included in your enrollment. We'll only be teaching the practical, need-to-know elements of Showit, don't worry!

What website platform will I be learning to use inside the workshop?

Yes! There are directions inside the workshop for how to select your chosen website template. You can choose from any of the Showit templates available inside the shop.

Is the Showit website template included?

No! All lessons are pre-recorded so you can get started as soon as you're ready! You also are granted lifetime access to all the lessons and materials.

Is the workshop starting on a specific date? How long will I have access to the workshop materials?

Absolutely nothing! Inside this workshop I'll be teaching you how to establish your ideal client, focus your offer, write your website copy, define your branding, customize your website template, configure your blog, and finally... launch your site.

What do I need to have ready to begin the workshop?

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