showit template customization experience


We'll work with you over a two week timeframe to customize your purchased Showit template and blog to ensure it fits your copy, branding, and business goals.

template customization - $1700

A template customization is perfect for those who have already purchased a Showit template and have wasted far too much time trying to customize it to fit their business needs. We'll implement your branding, website copy, and professional images into the template of your choice so you can finally launch your vision with the world.

the 2 week experience

what is a template customization?

We'll spend the first week customizing the template with your files. Please note that the template's structure will be used and the addition of only 1-2 custom sections will be implemented to accommodate your specific needs.

You'll receive screenshots of the pages, as well as a link to view the site in action and request revisions.

week 1: customization

You'll have two days to provide revisions on the template customization before we jump in to make edits.

Once edits have been made, the site will be transferred back into your account so you can move forward with launch.

week 2: revisions

A template customization process is just that - a template customization. It does not include custom website copy, strategy, a custom site built from scratch, SEO, video trainings or assistance with launch.

If you're interested in a building a strategic, high-converting site that works to grow and scale your business - we recommend investing in our custom website design and copywriting experience.

the difference between a template customization and a custom site build

need more support?

Two week timeline
Must have branding, website copy, and images to begin
Must purchase Showit template
Layout used from template
1-2 custom sections built for you
1 round of revisions
2 equal payments

Copywriting can be added for an additional fee of $400 per page

a template customization - $1700

Seven week timeline
Must have branding and images to begin
Custom, high-converting copy written for you
Custom site built from scratch
Homepage built first to set foundation
1 round of revisions on the home page design
Interior pages built after home page approval
1 round of revisions on all interior pages
Foundational SEO
Video training library
Custom walkthrough videos of your site and blog
Assistance with launch
Launch graphics
3 equal payments of $1500

custom website design + copy - $4500

Forget learning the Showit platform, forget bending the template to work for you, forget the time away from your business.

you'll finally have your favorite showit template customized to fit you

in just two weeks...

I definitely recommend Amanda! 100%. Her process is very streamlined, organized, task oriented and very well timed. I bit the bullet and asked for help and I was and am still very happy to have found her and work with her to build my website. She is very easy to work with and very willing to help you out!!!!! It was the easiest decision I've made for my business.

"...It was the easiest decision I've made for my business..."

Amanda is wonderful! Amanda was able to take my very raw story and half written copy and turn into something that I loved. Amanda was able to capture my voice and convey my story. I have other work that I will be returning to Amanda to do for me. I would recommend using Amanda for all your copywriting needs.

"...She took my raw story and turned it into something that I loved..."

Amanda was able to take my website, which was really bad, and turn it into a website and brand that actually shared who I am as a person and entrepreneur. She had patience, design expertise and really listened to hear what I was saying! Even down to the launch day, she was working on the little details until they were perfect! I definitely recommend Amanda!

"...Amanda created a website that actually shared who I am as a person..."

Amanda made me, me! I am not a writer, I even stumble over the words I speak! But Amanda knew exactly what I was saying and how it needed to be said! I am so excited we connected and had her do our copy for our new branding. It’s going to be the best representation of who we are and what we value! Thank you Amanda!!

"...Amanda knew exactly what I was saying and how it needed to be said..."

I LOVED working with Amanda on my website copy. She made the process so simple and easy from the beginning to the end. I really felt heard when we were discussing my business and what I want from it, and she translated that into copy beautifully. It feels so good to have clear communication on my website thanks to her!!

"...It feels so good to have clear communication on my website..."

Loved working with Amanda! I talk fast and SOMEHOW she got all the relevant information we needed for my new website. When it comes to copywriters, you need someone who can story tell just as you do - but better...with no grammatical errors - and she. is. that. I've already hired her to work on a second project with me. I can't wait to see the results!

"...Amanda can tell your story just as you do, but better..."

I came into my project with a clear vision and Amanda immediately saw it too. II’m very happy with the final product. She brought my writing and photographs to life and I’ve been receiving so much positive feedback since the launch!

"...I’ve been receiving so much positive feedback since the launch..."

I hired Amanda to write copy for my new website, and I'm so thankful I did! I felt like she really found my voice! I'm excited to launch the new website and see the difference the new copy makes in converting inquiries into clients!!

"...I'm excited to see the difference the new copy makes in converting..."

a sweet review

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