Northern Liberties is a soft, dreamy, travel-inspired Showit Template created in partnership with Jessica Whitaker. This template is made specifically for photographers, creatives, influencers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers who have services, a course, or even a workshop to offer.




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sales page

blog pages



product page


pdf with resources

quick start training series

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instagram page


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All of our templates are built from a copywriters perspective - with as much thought going into the design as the site's ability to convert. Beauty + Brains.

built to convert

With your purchase, you'll receive a pdf with links to helpful Showit resources, along with our training videos on installing, customizing and blogging.

video tutorials

Showit is a drag and drop platform that allows you to easily customize your template with copy, images, colors and fonts without coding knowledge.

no coding involved

Why use our Showit Templates?

We know you need a beautiful, high-converting website ASAP. That's why our templates are easy to purchase, easy to customize to fit your style, and super easy to launch! You'll have everything you need to launch the business, idea, and website of your dreams - and what could be better?

it's this easy...

Amanda!!! I am BLOWWWWNNN AWWAAAYYYY by your template!!!!

I was going to wait to send this to you till tomorrow so I wasn't bothering you on a weekend. But my baby is down for the night and I have time to write/I'm still so FREAKING excited about everything I designed today. So I wanted to tell you while it was fresh on my mind:

When I sent that email yesterday asking about the customization, I figured it was because I wouldn't be able to do it myself. I had purchased a very poorly put together show it template in December and it took me well over a month of pure frustration to get it up and running. And...I wasn't super pleased with the end result. Someone who had helped me with the technical difficulties told me that it shouldn't be that hard and I was like well maybe it's just me...

NOPE. Your template is PERFECT. Everything connects the way it's supposed to. It's SO EASY to use - I have a 7 month old baby who needs me constantly right now and I got almost the entire bones of my site designed today. That's incredible. Not only that but it's SUCH a pretty site and exactly what I had been envisioning. There was way more detail to all the pages, the blog, etc than I was used to with the other template and it not only made design so easy, it let me dream of adding more to my website than I had originally thought possible.

I'll stop there so I don't sound like a crazy person (I promise I'm not - pretty things and things that work the way they're supposed to just make my day). But I just wanted to let you know I'm so impressed and you fully restored my faith in how easy Show It is supposed to work.

"...Everything connects the way it's supposed to. It's SO EASY to use - I have a 7 month old baby who needs me constantly right now and I got almost the entire bones of my site designed in one day. That's incredible!..."

happy customers

Work with our team one-on-one for two weeks to customize the Showit template of your choice with your branding, images, and website copy.

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